Shark Stories

Shark First Aid

January 06, 2022 Madison Stewart Season 2 Episode 4
Shark Stories
Shark First Aid
Show Notes

Of the 470 shark species, only 30 species of sharks have been found to have attacked humans, and only 4 of the 30 species make up the majority of attacks. Yet with everything we know about sharks, with everything we do in their home, whether it's surfing, diving, or spearfishing as a mere few examples… why do we not talk about first aid for shark attacks as commonly as we do CPR or vinegar for jellyfish stings? 


Alongside an Australian paramedic who has treated shark attack victims, we outline things that may just help you save a life one day. This podcast is a must for anyone that goes in the ocean around sharks, or in general anyone who wants to know more about why and how they attack. An extension of the surfing guide to sharks, this episode is about safety and responsibility, and just what to do in the unlikely, unfortunate yet possible, event of a shark attack. 

Terra Australlis first aid for shark attacks video

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Shark bite first aid kit


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