Shark Stories

Slavery At Sea

December 16, 2021 Madison Stewart Season 2 Episode 3
Shark Stories
Slavery At Sea
Show Notes

Emperors of the deep is an insightful and moving book by William Mckeever. It examines four species: Mako, Tiger, Hammerhead, and Great White, as never before. Yet it’s the section on slavery at sea that catches my attention. William goes deep into the murders, beatings, kidnappings and forced drug consumption men are forced into, all to provide us with fish.  

There is a good chance that this podcast is the most important yet. A common occurring yet vastly underreported crime against humanity, it's likely you could be directly contributing to the continuation of slavery at sea, this podcast will tell you how. 

Sign the ban in trading shark fins
Emperors Of The Deep book trailer video to get a sense of the book
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