Shark Stories

Mark The Shark

December 02, 2021 Madison Stewart Season 2 Episode 1
Shark Stories
Mark The Shark
Show Notes

In my most controversial podcast yet, we enter a conversation with the world’s most infamous shark hunter. Listen in as he takes pride in the number of sharks he’s removed from the ocean over his lifetime, but also be prepared to hear a side of Mark that’s never before been portrayed.   

As the conversation transpires, we enter the debate on toxins in shark meat, if sharks feel pain and why the business of taking people to kill sharks off the coast of Miami is still thriving. The enemy number one to shark conservationists everywhere, Mark the Shark lives up to his reputation, while simultaneously offering you an insight into his world and drive for destruction.

Watch "The Hunter's Son", a film depicting Marks children meeting sharks:

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Cover Art by photographer Tanner Mansell

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