Shark Stories

When I Went Shark Fishing

May 21, 2021 Madison Stewart Season 1 Episode 11
Shark Stories
When I Went Shark Fishing
Show Notes

The story of 19-year-old hunter Helton joining me for two weeks. No land, no people. Sleeping, eating, going to the bathroom, and living on a boat that is heading to sea to fish sharks with five Indonesian shark fishermen.

No reception, never touching land, watching sharks being killed every day. I couldn’t do it alone, I needed help filming, I needed help staying safe. Hunter was a guest on one of my trips but showed much promise with his shooting skills and desire to help the cause. So I took him with me. 

We went through a lot in those two weeks at sea. It was not an easy experience. In this podcast, we discuss everything that happened. If you’d like to see the film you can watch it in many places, Vimeo, Instagram, or Project Hiu’s youtube. The film called “Bajak Laut” which translates to “bad men of the sea” shows you an insight like no other, to something no one attempted before us, being on board a shark fishing boat.

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