Shark Stories

Project Hiu

May 14, 2021 Madison Stewart Season 1 Episode 10
Shark Stories
Project Hiu
Show Notes

What started as a simple shoot in a country I refused to enter due to their decimation of sharks, would lead to one of the most influential and life-changing projects of my career. Headed by the shark fishermen themselves, Project Hiu is a way to change the future both above and below. 

This episode is facilitated by fellow podcaster and podcast producer Jules who will help me share with you the biggest and most unexpected turning point of conservation for me.  Project Hiu, "Hiu" being the Indonesian word for shark, is an initiative that aims to provide alternative income to fishermen in one of the largest shark fisheries in Indonesia, and the world. By hiring the shark fishing boats and their local crew, we sought to engage the fisherman in a very different role: tourism. 

The project started in the most peculiar way and as well as having a direct impact on the lives of sharks and the people fishing them, it has shaped the way many look at conservation and our enemies. This episode takes a deeper journey into the project that continues to change my life daily.


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