Shark Stories

How Your Tax Dollars Kill Sharks

April 30, 2021 Andre Borell Season 1 Episode 8
Shark Stories
How Your Tax Dollars Kill Sharks
Show Notes

The film making fisheries nervous ENVOY: Shark Cull is giving the Australian public its first-ever, uncut view of the horrific shark control program that has plagued the Australian coastline for more than 30 years. 

Andre Borell, the film's creator, talks to me about the process of creating the film that finally exposes Australia’s longest-running shark cull. Hidden under the guise of “bather protection”, the SCP aka "shark control program", involves a series of baited hooks and set nets that are designed to catch and kill sharks along Australia’s coastline.

Despite numerous other alternatives and the bycatch of dolphins, rays, turtles, and protected species, the program is still in operation. Andre Borell created this film in the hopes it would finally expose some of the data that has been hidden for too long. This was his first venture into filmmaking yet he managed to muster shark conservationists from around the globe, something that’s never been done before.

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