Shark Stories

Great White Secrets With Alison Towner

April 16, 2021 Madison Stewart Season 1 Episode 6
Shark Stories
Great White Secrets With Alison Towner
Show Notes
Referenced more than once in the surfing guide to sharks, scientist Alison Towner is an unreal source of information relating to the hunting habits of Great White sharks. From individual personalities to the threats they face, look no further for all you need to know about this species.

As great whites are disappearing from notorious parts of South Africa where they have always dominated, the real question remains, why are we all still looking at Great Whites like the enemy and not the victim? In this podcast, open your mind to the new order of the food chain and the scary effects of losing this apex predator.

Alison speaks of the many predators they have and answer some of my questions: how are commercial fisheries affecting their populations? And why do males act differently from females? As well as recounting the experience of being submerged underwater surrounded by great whites, Alison takes an inspirational journey of how science has guided her through Great White shark advocacy. 

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