Shark Stories

The Shark Man With Doc Domeier

April 09, 2021 Madison Stewart Season 1 Episode 5
Shark Stories
The Shark Man With Doc Domeier
Show Notes

What's a great white shark getting up to in 1000 meters of water? What happens when Dr. Michael Domeier went to sea to find out? In this episode, Doc shows a side of great whites you never knew existed. 

You may have seen him on TV, doing groundbreaking and controversial research on Great White sharks… You may have read him speaking his mind on behalf of the Great Whites that move through Hawaiian waters. For me, it was hearing him talk of the surprising and elusive movements of the Great White sharks at sea, in extreme depths, for extreme periods of time. Although we know a lot about the Great White shark, what we don’t know could fill a book. 

The unreal insight into the mind and life of this scientist will change the way you look at many things. Doc talks real and raw about the causes at hand and isn’t afraid to challenge me on any questions. From the discovery of white shark nurseries to the long-term tracking of pregnant females, this episode will contain many answers, but probably leave you with more questions.

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