Shark Stories

Surviving A Shark Attack With Mike Coots

March 26, 2021 Madison Stewart Season 1 Episode 3
Shark Stories
Surviving A Shark Attack With Mike Coots
Show Notes

“If they take my life, don’t take theirs.” - Mike Coots

Words from a man who nearly lost his life to a shark but grew into one of their biggest advocates. As he recounts the details of his attack, he goes on to explain how the day he nearly lost his life to a shark, was the start of his life lived in service to the plight of the species.  

 A personal hero of mine, Hawaii-born and raised Mike Coots is the definition of inspirational. His story is not only important for surfers around the globe who fear the exact incident Mike lived through, but to shark advocates too. Let Mike explain how he became involved in the first legislation in the USA to make it illegal to ban shark fins and continues to defend sharks. And the journey of buying a foot online as a one-legged surfer.  

Mike’s attack itself could also be the key to unlocking so many clues as to why shark attacks happen. Could his attack have been the result of human negligence? Mike will teach us how to turn an enemy into a friend, if sharks have individual personalities and how the need for surfers to connect to sharks is not only relevant but potentially life-saving.  

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