Shark Stories

What Is Legal With Ashley Avci

March 26, 2021 Madison Stewart Season 1 Episode 2
Shark Stories
What Is Legal With Ashley Avci
Show Notes

In Australia, sharks aren’t considered “animals” under the animal welfare legislation act. Therefore extreme acts of cruelty are commonplace. From the shark fin trade to the treatment of these animals, we lift the veil on Australia’s contribution.   

In this podcast, we look deep into the consequences of a system that doesn’t protect these animals with the founder of shark conservation Australia, an environmental lawyer, and my best friend, Ashley Avci. Have we too much faith in our country to be a leader in the environmental sector, or are we contributing to the shark fin trade at a rate that will shock you?  

From involvement in individual animal law cases to the creation of legislation bills designed to protect sharks, Ashley shares her insight into battling with the government to do more for sharks. Australians have for a long time been viewed as guardians of their wilderness, but as our attention grows on places like China and Indonesia for their contribution to the shark fin trade, this podcast will teach you that there is a grave need to look inward, to our own backyard for injustice. 

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