Shark Stories

Exposing The Shark Fin Trade With Diego Cardeñosa

March 26, 2021 Madison Stewart Season 1 Episode 1
Shark Stories
Exposing The Shark Fin Trade With Diego Cardeñosa
Show Notes

Scientific superhero Diego talks about finding Mako shark in pet food, being in the room with illegal smugglers, giving authorities the ability to test shark fins for DNA and the general struggle of upholding the law when it comes to sharks. 

Columbian born Diego is not only the brains and brawn behind so many papers in regards to the fin trade and the collecting of samples on the ground, but was also behind the groundbreaking science featured in the Sharkwater Extinction film through the genetic identification of threatened shark species in pet food and beauty care products. 

In this podcast, he talks to me about the effects of Covid-19 on the shark fin trade, what it's like to live in China for a year collecting shark fins and how his work is revolutionizing the way we find illegal trafficking of shark fins from protected species. This particular podcast is a must-listen for anyone questioning their involvement in science VS conservation and anyone that needs to be inspired by the movements occurring to save the most threatened of the shark species.  

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